The Leading App for Customer Surveys

What do your customers want? The best way to know is to ask. Regularly. And, preferably, before they post a contact request on your competitor’s Twitter page. In this Era of Empowered Customers, your priority is to listen, learn, and respond with precision. That’s the formula for profitable growth in a customer-centric economy.

Clicktools is the leading provider of premium, Cloud-based survey software for businesses. We live by the brand promise to help our customers better understand and serve their customers. Since 2001, the Clicktools solution has enabled organizations to improve customer experience by collecting, centralizing, and acting on customer feedback, leveraging the power of CRM.

  • Collect customer feedback through surveys, call scripts, and web forms.
  • Centralize the data in your CRM system.
  • Act on the insights to improve customer experience.
Customer Experience Flow


Do You Live in the Cloud?

Clicktools lives in the Cloud because it enables extreme flexibility, speed, and rapid deployment.  Most enterprise feedback solutions require detailed consulting commitments and months of design and customization. With Clicktools, you’re up and running almost instantly. See how we guarantee Customer Success >

Want More Bang for your Buck?

Clicktools delivers the power of enterprise software, but priced very competitively to give you greater value and the advantage of a robust solution without the equivalent price tag. Plus, it’s an all-in-one solution. No need to purchase separate modules for different functions. Once you own Clicktools, you can use it in any way you choose, across sales, marketing, support, HR, or any other functional area. See who uses Clicktools >