Better Understand & Serve Your Customers

Clicktools builds cloud applications that integrate with CRM to help businesses better understand and serve their customers. The company offers two solutions that make it easy for organizations to house feedback and other critical customer information in CRM, where it can be acted on to continually improve customer experience. Clicktools solutions make it possible for organizations to build a single view of the customer by centralizing various interactions — from surveys to social media — along the customer journey.

  • Clicktools is the premium survey software for business. Thousands of customer service, support, sales, and marketing professionals use Clicktools to collect, centralize, and act on customer feedback, leveraging the power of CRM. More >
  • Syncfrog is the intelligent data loader, built by Clicktools. It’s a cloud-to-cloud deep integration app designed for CRM users who are dissatisfied with manually moving data. It allows marketing, sales, and admins to control how, where, and when to place information in CRM. More >